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At 35 years now, I am happy with my wife Tanu and son Aaditya. Aaditya, 5 years now, keeps myself and Tanu completely engaged when at home. So lot of work to be done when Aaditya is at his school.

I work, as a consultant, large enterprise services at DELL. In brief, my skill set covers areas like market research, analytics, and competitive intelligence. Domain is obviously IT in general and software in specific. Now at DELL, I am adding IT services market insight to my skill set. 

No I am not a software engineer!! I am more into business insights of IT industry. Do comment/discuss specific topics at my blog (see link at the bottom of this page)

On personal front, I am good singer (can listen my attempt on Bollywood classics), painter and have deep interest in History. Also I like to keep in touch with current affairs (political, economic, social) of India (to an extent global too). Visit my home and I will discuss Indian political situation at length.

Enjoy this website to know about what is happening with me and people around!! and Do discuss any business, political and economic issues at my blog.

Aaditya celebrated his third birthday on 14th April  2011

Aaditya's 5th Birthday was celebrated at hotel Belair at Marathahalli. He enjoyed the big cake, tatoo, so many friends and of course gifts that he got. We all enjoyed Aadi opening the gift and his happiness. Mummy and Papa also gifted him what he had asked for. It was a great meeting with so many people in Bangalore just before I was to go to Singapore. Incidently, I had to fly the same day when Aaditya celebrated his birthday. 

Life at Singapore!!!!

Men move places wherever destiny/career takes them to. And for me, this time it is a career assignment at Dell Singapore. It was full of curiosity and excitement to relocate to a place that is widely aclaimed as one of the best in South Asia. And yes, this city did live more than my expectation. I have started liking it for many reasons spanning from career to lifestyle...to spectaculare views (natural and concrete jungle bothl). I have been here since last three months. 
After a month long exporation of the country/city, I am pretty much settled at a nice condominium at western part
of Singapore (Lakeside). Tanu and Aaditya too joined me for over a month and all of us had great time visiting places. To add to our joy, my brother Prasoon also joined us for a short vacation.  

While a person coming from India will naturally be amazed by the planning and management of the city, it was a pleasant surprise to find many familiar places here. Indians make about 10% of the population in Singapore and finding a temple, Indian market, Indian restaurants should not suprise anyone. Mustafa market, a popular supermarket is probably one of thje biggest and all Indian items could be find under one roof. No wonder it is located in a place called "Little India" and yes, it means it. 

I am planning to add a new page to share my view of Singapore.


At Work
IT services constitute biggest pie of total IT market opportunity. More importantly, at around $900 billions its a growth market.

Market is interesting also because unlike other segment/industries; in It services market, top 10 companies would make not more than 20-25% of the pie. Evolving services delivery model pose another angle to complexity of services business. 

My take is - when  things get too complex, you should look back at basics. Is this capable of handling /sustaining given level of complexity? As technology is changing at lightening speed, stitching newer piece of technology with older legacy clothes wont work.

Therefore, all talks about architecture!I strongly believe this would be a combination of science and art.


In My Family
Though I have shifted to Singapore, my family (meaning Tanu and Aadi) are still in Bangalore. There, we stay at Purva Fountain Square, a nice residential society of more than 1200 families.

Aditya is growing (his pranks as well). Great to see how he explores his world. Now he is getting a bit hi-tech in terms of toys he is more interested in. Marked difference from his previous generation. World is really changing very fast.

I had gone to see my parents some 6 months back. This was occasion of my brother's (Pankaj) marriage. Enjoyed meeting so many people once again after a long gap.

Bokaro, the city that saw me growing, studying, playing, has also changed greatly. Felt nostalgic many times. Wanted to put some pic of my primary and high school and I will at one page. 

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